Course of IVF Pregnancy

IVF consists of retrieving oocytes prior to ovulation; IVF obtains fertilization in laboratory; IVF transfers embryos into uterus bypass fallopian tubes.

  • (A) Ovarian Stimulation: The prescribed administration of ovarian stimulation medications induces both sides of ovaries to produce multiple follicles. Generally each follicle contains one oocyte.

  • (B) Ovulation Induction: Ovulation-inducing medications help multiple follicles mature and ensure that several oocytes mature simultaneously in both ovaries.

  • (C) Oocyte Retrieval: Immediately prior to ovulation, the each oocyte is retrieved by puncturing and then aspirating the follicular fluid of each follicle under the guidance of ultrasound.

  • (D) In vitro fertilization: In vitro fertilization is performed in laboratory by placing the spermatozoa and oocyte together. Each oocyte is placed in one Petri dish. One sperm and one egg fertilize and develop into different stages of embryo in laboratory.

  • (E) Embryo Transfer: Two (2) or at most 3 embryos are replaced (or transferred) via the cervix into the uterus where implantation is expected to take place like “by nature”.