Gender Pre Selection

The Wang Tube Real Time Sperm Micro-Separation Technology (Wang Tube System) is able to enhance the gender pre-selection for your offspring. This system involves an X- and Y-sperm separation procedure, it is mainly based on:

  • (a) the difference in the size of the X and Y chromosomes, i.e., the X-chromosome being larger than Y-chromosome
  • (b) the difference in the swimming speed and swim-up pattern of the X- and Y-sperm where the Y-sperm swim faster than X-sperm in an relatively alkaline and modified sperm survival medium
  • (c) the difference in the survival time of X- and Y-sperm in this relatively alkaline and modified sperm survival medium

We have reported that the probability of conceiving a boy is about 82% by this technology.

These sex pre-selected sperm can be used either for in vivo insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

With regard to The Wang Tube Real Time X/Y Sperm Micro-Separation Technology, it has been further specified and patented in the countries of England, Taiwan and China.

In addition, an alternative procedure is to utilize the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for gender selection.

This technique is achieved by performing IVF and growing embryos in the laboratory for three days until the 8-cell stage.

At this moment, a small opening is made in the zona pellucida (human eggshell) and one of the cells of the embryo (blastomere) is gently removed under an inverted microscope.

The removed cell can be fixed to a slide and sent for genetic diagnosis in laboratory. The chromosome X or Y or other chromosomal abnormalities can be evaluated. By transferring the desired gender embryos, we can achieve a probability of greater than 98% of successful gender pre-selection.

The gender of the future baby is then determined in advance. The use of PGD for sex pre-selection is illegal in some countries but is legal in the United States.