Wang Tube

Infertility equally attacks men and women; Infertility affects approximately 15% of couples; there were 6.1 million couples infertile in the U.S. 1997. According to U.S. NIH report, sperm densities in the U.S. have exhibited an average decrease at about 1.5 % annually, while those in European countries have declined at approximately 3.1 % yearly. Sperm decline worse than believed earlier. Men in many countries are becoming less fertile. Issues have raised the public concerns.

Varieties of microorganisms are frequently found in semen and contaminate sperm preparations used for artificial inseminations. These microorganisms may cause pelvic inflammatory diseases or interfere with the fertilization process.

A normal semen sample may contain a considerable amount of abnormal sperm nuclear chromatin that may lead to reproductive failure or frequent/habitual abortion subsequent to fertilization. The preparation of a full normal-chromatin sperm specimen is valuable in fertility therapy.

The Wang Tube Real-Time Sperm Micro-Separation System, discovered by Dr. FN Wang et al at the University of California Irvine Medical Center, separates highly-motile, microorganisms-free, morphologically-normal, normal-chromatin and fertilizable sperm from a mixed cell sample for any procedure of artificial inseminations, i.e., in vivo, or in vitro fertilization (test tube baby). The Wang Tube System is Superb and Ultimate in Human and Farm Animal Sperm/Motile Cell Selection, and is the World Leading Technology/Product in Reproductive Medicine/Andrology for fertility therapy and/or for the offspring of excellence.

His system has been awarded the “Invention Patents” of USA, England, France, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, and Japan, etc.

It has also been included in four (4) American Books of Reproductive Science, e.g., “Assisted Human Reproductive Technology”, “Atlas of Clinical Andrology”, “A Handbook of Human Cytogenetics” (3rd Edition) and “Reproduction in Farm Animals” (7th Edition).

The Wang Tube System also won many International Invention Gold Medals and Medical Awards from Germany, Switzerland, USA, and Taiwan, etc.

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