Sperm Separation

Once semen sample is obtained by masturbation after 3 day’s abstinence, the ejaculate is then collected in a sterile container supplied by the Center. This container is non-toxic to spermatozoa. Once semen sample is collected, it is then forwarded to the laboratory as soon as possible. Several tests measure sperm parameters, e.g., volume of ejaculate, pH and viscosity of semen, density of spermatozoa, motility rating and patterns, morphology, microbiology, and sperm antibodies, etc.

Accordingly, different sperm preparation method may be applied to different quality of semen sample.

For the betterment of mother and fetus, the American Test Tube Baby Center basically applies “The Wang Tube Real-Time Sperm Micro-Separation Technology” for husband’s sperm selection.

In certain special conditions of male sterility in which no spermatozoa can be collected from the ejaculate,

It is often possible to collect spermatozoa from the male ducts (ductus deferens and epididymis) or organs from the testes (testicular biopsy) by surgery.

Sperm retrieval is done in surgical room. However, such a situation will be discussed at consultation; preoperative studies for male partner will be done in advance.