Investment Advocacy

The Wang Tube Real-Time Sperm Micro-Separation System (Wang Tube System) combines new methods, different hardware and especially the new concepts to resolve the problem of pure and superb sperm collection for reproductive technologies used for humans as well as different species of economically valued farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goat, horse as so on. It is thought that Wang Tube System is a great “discovery and invention”, and is a breakthrough of reproductive biotechnology, that influences the fields of human reproduction as well as zoology.

In an effort to benefit the infertile couples and contribute the agriculture, we plan to raise fund to promote the Wang Tube System worldwide (i.e., Program 1), build more Infertility Clinics in the United States (i.e., Program 2), involve advanced researches in reproductive medicine and help the underserved or who need our help in any way that may be under a non-profit characteristics. The operation of the institution is governed under the American Federal and State Regulations.

For further information, please contact our Center.

  • Program 1: Since the Wang Tube System is the best technology in sperm preparation/isolation/selection in the world, our Center plans to bring this excellence to every corner of the Earth to contribute a great deal to the welfare and health of humankind.

  • Program 2: In addition, the cost of infertility treatment in the United States of America is relatively high as compared with that of other countries, particularly in vitro fertilization.

According to the report, an in vitro fertilization treatment cycle generally costs a total of between USD $13,500 and $17,000. Our target is to bring the price down to benefit the regular income residents.