Luteal Phase Support

Luteal phase support generally applies progesterone supplementation. For most patients, progesterone supplementation is used after embryo transfer (during the luteal phase), or at the second half of menstrual cycle (in order to be ready for endometrium to receive and implant an embryo).

The regular dose of progesterone is 200 mg vaginally and twice daily. Progesterone should be continued until the end of the first trimester if the pregnancy is successful, or until the second pregnancy test is negative.

  1. Luteal phase support generally starts on the day of embryo transfer.
  2. The first progesterone suppository is placed in the vagina at the time of embryo transfer. Thereafter, patients are asked to use the suppositories twice a day until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, or when the second blood test for pregnancy is negative.
  3. Some doctors may also start patient on progesterone injections or suppositories on the day of HCG injection to prepare the uterine lining for implantation.