Complications of In Vivo AI

The complications or side effects of in vivo artificial inseminations (e.g., IUI) are generally few, but it depends on which sperm preparation method is applied in laboratory.

By using the Wang Tube Real-Time Sperm Micro-Separation Technology, which collects almost fully (about 99%) highly motile, microorganisms-free, morphologically-normal, normal-chromatin and fertilizable spermatozoa, none of complications or side effects is encountered by using this technology, since Wang Tube System is a complete sperm separation technology, and is a real and unique sperm purification system in the world to date.

By using other different sperm preparation methods, they can be classified as incomplete sperm preparation methods.

The final sperm preparation from incomplete methods will contain microorganisms, other unnecessary components, impurities and the likes. These contents of unnecessary (or even harmful) elements (e.g., microorganisms) are proportionate to their original concentrations in their original ejaculate semen specimens. Unfortunately, these elements have been used for in vivo and in vitro artificial insemination.

Researches and scientific papers have been studied and published in medical journals.

Cramping pain after intrauterine insemination (IUI) is not uncommon by using the traditional sperm preparation methods, while none or very few cases are encountered from preparation of Wang Tube System. Since 56% of women who undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) by using traditional sperm preparation method, bacterial cultures of sperm-containing samples from intra-abdominal fluid are collected; these situations can be looked as sub-clinical contaminations/infections, though the fully-developed clinical infection would be much lower.

Some cases might finally develop severe pelvic infection, fallopian tube adhesion or pelvic abscess.Patients should inform their physicians if cramping abdominal pain, abdominal soreness, pelvic discomfort, or fever happens after any artificial insemination (AI).