Schedule and courses

Generally, the course of this training program is scheduled from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon daily, Monday to Friday.

Sometimes, a course may be finished until 3:00 PM. Each item that is listed below takes 45-60 minutes or longer to finish.

One day has four (4) items to be presented to the trainees, or each trainee must practice for those item(s).

This full course contains about 340 items; some items may need the trainees to practice repeatedly in order to be familiar with special procedures. It takes about four (4) months to complete the full courses and obtain a certificate for the training.

TIME & DURATION This training course is arranged bi-monthly. It starts from September 1, 2007. Each full course takes about four (4) months to complete and obtain a training certificate.

Trainees need to sign-in and sign-out on a daily basis from Monday to Friday weekly.

  • Hours of Lectures: about 100 Hours
  • Hours of Combined Lectures & Laboratory One-To-One Hands-On Training: about 178 Hours
  • Hours of Laboratory Observation: 6 Hours
  • Self Review and Study: After Class
  • Times of Quiz, Hands-On Practical Test, Mid and Final Examinations: About 26 Times totally.
  • Languages: English is our official language for training; Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are available. Other languages are also applicable, but the trainee needs to pay the translation fee by himself/herself.

Location and contacts

  • Location of Training: 2020 S. Hacienda Blvd, Suite J, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745-4844, USA.
  • Toll Free (USA & Canada): 877-592-3456, Tel: 626-336-6368, Fax: 626-336-2152,
  • Email: